Toga Party

With very few robes involved, we did do the drift party in the rain, sun and darkness. I'll admit James has surpassed me in awesome phototry. I tried my best, got some shots, as it was very different not being invovled in running the event, the Saratoga speedway event held by BentMafk was a success. The whole day went pretty smoothly, the only issue I had with the whole thing had nothing to do with the event, but rather the competitors. Being a long distance many of them brought as little as they could, in order to simplify the trip, however, with an almost 4 hour drive North of Victoria, there were a number of people stranded with mechanical failures and no back up plan or preparation. Put your pennies together young ones, get into BCAA and get a membership, just so you know you can get home that night. Motors blown, trannies chewed, belts snapped, and barely anyone brought any tools, fluids, or plan B's. Beginning at roughly 5 we found ourselves at the gate ready to roll in, I grabbed my pit pass, and hid under an awning as the rain began. Things got underway quickly with an open practice. Some tracks you really don't need much practice to get the line down, but Saratoga Speedway is a different animal altogether. It's a D shaped oval, which isn't to uncommon, but it's got the strangest steep, decreasing banked corner opening into the face of the "D" that follows into the un-banked corner, down the straight and back into the suddenly steep bank. The competitors took quite a while to understand the really strange line conflicts of either entering the bank with an early initiation, cutting low sliding high and hoping to catch the less banked exit of the corner when it was time to get on the throttle, others entered at the top of the bank and dropped down with the throttle on, hoping to keep momentum. These differences of line really highlight style and vehicle limitations. As far as I know, judging was a simple go/no go setup which is a preference of mine, I'm no idiot, I can tell who did better and have no need for a number to justify my observation. An although some mechanical failures took some competitors out before and during the competition, the crowd wowers moved their way up the tree to a final conclusion. Our own Victoria local, Josh Whitehead ended up taking home the sweet label maker trophy! Good times. :) No particular order, here's the event in still frames, displayed on your computer screen at a click of a button! wow! [gallery columns="2"]

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  • Keep it stock looking.

    • warren (Not UK)
  • thats a bunch of BS.

    ive had my modified cars towed by BCAA all the time, tow truck drivers dont care, they still get the $$$$

    • dug
  • BCAA doesnt cover “modified” cars

    • Anonymous