Aboot Us

SpeedHero is a moniker we give those we run across in our lives that best represent the positive and helpful spirit of Motorsport. It has become synonymous in our neck of the woods with giving it all you have with what you have. Forever a fan of an under dog we have come to appreciate this definition. 


Active Speedhero Tribe:

The Creative Voice:

Hi! I'm Quinn. Since 2008 SpeedHero has been my voice. Car culture has enthralled me since a young age. Around 2003 I got into drifting with my first Corolla. Since then I've owned roughly 66 cars in 3 different continents. I practice an observation of appreciation for all car culture, globally. The apple of my eye is late 90's early 2000's drifting culture. Many of my posts, products and concepts will refer to this sub-genre, but are not limited to. 


 Professional Enabler:

My name is Michael, I have been a automobile enthusiast since i was a wee lad and my dad would take me touring around in his Porsche 914-6. Since then I have had a functional addiction to speed and car culture. I met Quinn within this haze of years and grew fond of his style and ideas. I hope to bring much of our love for design and style to everyone who gives their time to show an interest.