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The 4 Parts of a Drift

The 4 Parts of a Drift

When teaching drifting I often have to simplify the communication to get ideas across efficiently. When talking to someone who's learning to drift for the first time I like to introduce the timeline of a drift: The 4 parts of a drift. This way, when a student and I debrief a drift we can find what parts went well and which need improvement using some standardized logic and language.

This is a poster I've created for free release for others who are learning or want to improve, or even help them teach others.


2019 Review




So you like all the wheels SpeedHero concepts? Wanna see how the process goes? You can check it out in this live stream video! This is me just hacking away for fun to see what I can come up with. Hope you enjoy!



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We did a podcast!

We did a podcast!

Danny Cox of Husky Situations and I did a podcast with Sons of Richard!

to hear our episode and find more from Sean Richardson. Click here!


Foresight is 20/20

"I don't deal in antiques, I deal in future classics. " ~Quinn Howling, April 6th, 2018

There's a 2-hour video hidden on youtube somewhere. It's a rant about where the automobile will be tomorrow. It's such a boring rant, that I can't even sit down and listen to it a second time.
The information is valuable, but the medium is just not correct. Let's adjust that, as this is an important topic to me.

The future of the automobile.

Let's begin with the obvious, where are we at now? What will this period be looked back upon as a point of...