The wave of the Futura!

I like boxy 80's cars, and to be honest, my first slide, albeit terrible, was in a Foxbody mustang.  Most people don't know that the Boxfody....err, it's even got a boxxxy name, wasn't just a mustang. There's the Fairmont Futura, Zephyr, Capri, Thunderbird, Cougar, Granada, Continental, LTD, Marquis, Mark VII. There's one missing and we'll get to that.... Not until recently did I make the connection, sure I knew it was a foxbody, but for some reason I didn't even notice that the Fairmont coupe and the mustang even shared the same doors! There was even a turbo version of the Fairmont roughly similar to that of an SVO, and at some point they even had 3 speed manuals...ballin'. As horrible as that car above is, it's what got me excited about Foxbody's. The interchangeability it hilarious. However, the least known, yet most awesome Foxbody ever made? The Ford Fairmont Durango! A coach built truck with a functional tailgate, it's rumor'd at roughly 200 examples ever sold, and they originated in California. Pretty badass.

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