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Speed Hero, Search for the missing Star Wars Celica

Hey there folks. There's thousands of blog posts, articles posted online highlighting the idea that at some point, somewhere, a Star Wars themed 1977 Toyota Celica GT existed. Sadly almost all of these articles are regurgitation of the same few clues over and over. I've been doing some preliminary research into finding this car once, and for all. Let's openly document what we know about this car. Where do we start?

  • ?????? -1977 Celica pace cars are built, most likely by Molly Designs of California. (vehicles style is attributed to...

The Soft Switch

There are a few people who care about much about their shampoo. You go to the store, pick something you like the smell of at a decent price. It's a general product that serves a purpose that we don't want to waste time considering. This is the case for most, but not all people. For this majority when their common brand of hair soap stops being available, they make a soft switch to another brand and don't really give a shit. It works the same, no matter who makes it or what it's made of. Their lives continue the same...

3 is a good crowd

They were banned. Removed from North American society, gone the way of the lawn darts and street meth, the dangerous 3 wheelers were sent to burn in hell to keep the public safe. I can't say that Meth is something to try, but I can say that not everyone agrees with this idealism. ATC-Honda-350x-for-Sale Pictured above is what most North Americans think of when you mention a '3 Wheeler'. It's very similar to a personal favorite of mine, but it's note quite as similar in usage.

Some how, we missed it.

I'm not sure how we missed it. Decades of promises of futuristic cars, promised later, sometimes promised now. Atomic 50's American dreams of the future of Jet Set motoring, flashy shapes, classy speed, glamorous. We missed it. You did too, you're just as much to blame as me, though I couldn't afford it persay, but at only $18,000 brand new, it wasn't out of the reach of most of the modern world. You could've afforded one, with a warranty, I'm guessing, it's most likely to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how we missed it; the worlds most realistic-futuristic car....

Guess that Badge!

Here's one that should have you ultra nerds excited you know, or perhaps I've stumped you all. Don't name the car, NAME THE BRAND OF THE BADGE.  not a single clue