Revolving lives.

Seems James and I's life revolves around the local drift scene. Tons of posts regarding things surrounding the last event! Thanks to Justin Robert for this awesome video! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR_6rp1jU5c]

D is for Decimation

Capital Drift season two started off with the screech of tires and the screech of metal on concrete. There was some uncertainty going into the first event as many of the top performers from last season are still wrapped up in their new builds. Luckily their were plenty of new comers to fill their spots. The word for the day was Nissan with 240's dominating the field broken up by a couple of more colourful...

Hunting Season Has Begun

Cap D's second season has officially opened. Walls were kissed, cars were mangled and glory was obtained. There are photos to edit and traumas to relive so stay tuned over the next day or two. For now, enjoy the bloopers. Bentmafk indeed. Chris Vriend was collecting battle scars throughout the evening. The man is curb-hopping, wall-tapping, disco-dancing machine. Read the article

Local Flava

Thanks to Justin Robert from Capital Drift for this rad video!

Rain Rain Drift Sun Rain Drift Wind Sign Drift Rain Rain Rain Cold Soaker Drift

There was drifting. I enjoyed it. Here are some photo's of drifting. Thanks to Robin, Justin, Derek and Acacia for the donations and submissions. Read the article