D is for Decimation

Capital Drift season two started off with the screech of tires and the screech of metal on concrete. There was some uncertainty going into the first event as many of the top performers from last season are still wrapped up in their new builds. Luckily their were plenty of new comers to fill their spots. The word for the day was Nissan with 240's dominating the field broken up by a couple of more colourful rides like the V8 Porsche 944, the Toyota JZX81 and as always Gpennys F20 AE86. The skill level was far more varied from track virgins to pro-am contenders. Gpenny from Bentmafk was flinging tire and spitting smoke, something Corollas generally aren't known for, the tires just couldn't stand up to the pressure. Luckily, that means Grant's doing it right. He was definitely in a position to take the competition until his little spoon action with Pete Schroeder (aftermath shots in yesterdays post). Grant ended up in a footrace for third but Schroeder is nimble and hungry. Island boy Myles walked away with the competition with big angle, big smoke and a complete absence of smashing into things. Fantastic first showing from a promising new competitor. Rob Rayne in the JZX81 Mark II represented the four door drift boats. He threw down some consistent runs and some serious speed and angle before picking up a load of groceries and the kids from soccer practice. . . I assume. Chris had one of my favorite cars out there. He definitely makes a scene. Aggressive fitment and intimidating stance and a general disregard for sanity ensures his runs are never boring. As the smoke cleared, the evening closed with Myles (Nissan 240sx) in first, Jon (Porsche 944) in second and Pete (Someone elses Nissan 240sx) in third. There was a lot more collateral damage than usual but that's drifting.

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