Fallen Hero

A while back I made a post of one of the most influential drift cars to impact the world. The post: Before And After covered a car that affected me greatly. Kumakubo, the owner of Ebisu track, and D1 great's 180sx. It began life as a basic 180sx, but eventually evolved into a Sil80 truck. Truck conversions are not a new ground, but to the world, it was something very fresh and new in the drifting world. Being linked to someone so passionate about drifting, and...

Toga Party

With very few robes involved, we did do the drift party in the rain, sun and darkness. I'll admit James has surpassed me in awesome phototry. I tried my best, got some shots, as it was very different not being invovled in running the event, the Saratoga speedway event held by BentMafk was a success. The whole day went pretty smoothly, the only issue I had with the whole thing had nothing to do with the event, but rather the competitors. Being a long distance many...

Walk These Fragile Lines

It's like a sequel. There is some cellphone footage from today. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

Not Discoquinn behind the wheel in this clip. I obviously need more seat time.


Before and After

Driftwerks 3 is THE video that got me into drifting, and of course the beginning of my Ueo crush, however, I realized I never shared a little piece of information it held that I found interesting. Nobushige Kumakubo is the famed leader of Team Orange, as well as the owner of the drift heaven Ebisu Circuit (which BTW was in NFS:prostreet as their drift track but you'd never know it because you couldn't tell where you were looking in that damn game). What I love about this video is it's just a mashup of old Option video footage, and...


I don't have much to say about this event other than I simply need to participate more. See you guys on BC day. Drifting and show n' Shine! www.capitaldrift.ca [gallery columns="4" orderby="rand"]