Making Lemonade

Making Breaking Lemonade, it's tough to crack a glass of juice without affecting the cup. Hot yellow stuff, that's what we are talking about. Strong, distinct smell and can give you a bit of a sore throat if you consume too much. Gasoline is an ever going problem with the wagon. Slosh? Thought so. Fuel pressure? Thought that too. Bogging always under hard throttle! What's going on. My floor was hot. I tried to sit on it after a run, but it was excessively hot, burning even! Another symptom of my gasoline issues was excessive tank pressures. Attempts at venting the pressure seemed fruitless, having to constantly resort to manually venting the tank after a good run. SUPER FUEL HEATER ONE PIECE EXHAUST DESIGN. That's my muffler right there, "Chillin'" under my gas tank. The floor was too hot to touch, even with the gas tank in the way.

"Joe, honey, I fixed it. It was just vapor lock."

All that heat was causing the fuel to gas off, causing excessive vapor lock. The tank vent just couldn't keep up, and the gases would take any opportunity to move out, even if it meant going through the carb, so at high load and RPM the motor would bog down. DURRRRRRR. So it's finally time to acquire or build that fuel system I've been dreaming of for so long. Generally if there are dope photos of you sliding, it means not only were you having a good time, but you were looking good doing it too. Cole, Derek and Keith all got some wicked snaps of me driving! Thanks Guys! [caption id="attachment_8601" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Check out the my trim ring, flying off![/caption] A friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while came out to visit for the event. Shawn got a few ride alongs in the wagon, and it was nice to provide them. One of the two rad Beaty brothers, Shawn takes up the offroad segment while his brother Kyle provides the on road elements. Co-Speedhero Contributer and our in house monster maniac, James, helped me a few days before weed and install and ass load of new decals. Was nice to finally get a rear window banner, as well as represent a few names I think highly of! Overall I'm stoked on the reliability of the little rotary, and with bits of elbow grease here and there the car gets better and better. Soon my Spool from Speedway motors should be here and my weak spider gear issues should be dealt with. On the hunt for a cheap solution for your 6.3" diff? Check these Dwarf/Legend cars Mini and Full spools from Speedway.,9026.html Few clips of the wagon At 13:13 in Justins Raw footage! Thanks Justin! [youtube=]

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