5 Years of SpeedHero

5 Years of SpeedHero

This is a complete digital collection of all the SpeedHero Patreon updates of the last 5 years.

June 2019 Recap

June 2019 Recap

SpeedHero July update (June Recap)

I can’t fathom how long and wild this month felt for SpeedHero. Let’s just dive in. The first event of the month was a special guest. Manabu Orido came by Platform Garage to say hello! He was in Victoria and decided to come by and visit us down at the shop. It was truly an honor. We exchanged a few gifts, photos, and car talk. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of photos, as I didn’t want to bother him too much, but there are a couple of pics from...

E7 Love❣❣❣

Yeah, so I dicked up the first article. This one will be a little bit better, but still needs improvement to be perfect. On a whim while building my scooter I asked Joel; "How many body styles of the E7 are there actually?" "I unno," he muttered back. Having reviewed my original E7 article long ago, I realized it was crappy, like all the other things I post. I spent a few hours collecting photos, to help build a better article than before. For those of you in the know, the "E" in the...

School Car: Next Step Game Plan.

Finding a Rack swap is quite important now!
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Customize all the things! My helmet looked a little blank, so I freshened it up a bit.[/caption]  
It's the next step in my school cars progress!!!! The steering box is the next step in making this car feel better to drive. I picked up a steering rack so far, but the subframe, steering column and other parts are still being...


This pomme de terre came to me recently. I'm trying to do something with it. I'm not bright. _MG_0004 Let's just keep count here. I believe this is #24. I've now owned, 24 corollas. I wouldn't consider this much of a Corolla, but it technically counts, since I write my own rules.

This began when a long line of moons aligned on some planet being pelted by lucky asteroids. My old Lemonade Wagon recently began a new motor swap from the old 12A...