Local Speed Heros: Warren

It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time now. Capture the great cars and people that I interact with everyday. Warren is a great example.   I met Warren not long after landing in Victoria. James had already started taking snaps Warren's 86 and going on random adventures long before I showed up. It's a bit embarrassing trying to write about someone you see fairly often, but since the first meeting Warren's led me out to some good time shinnanigans, and continues to do so. I'm sure it has something to do with his backround in Skating and his amazing photography associated with it. There's a very level headed approach to his explorations, I'd say an accurate prediction of the possible outcome of events, mixed with a clear understanding of unspoken rules. Our backrounds are vastly different, but I seem to get good vibes from Warren when ever we speak. I first knew him as an AE86 owner, purchased fairly built, he'd further customized it to his liking. More recently though, he's become known for his E7. Unlike his 86, his E7 is very simple and to the point, the things that matter have been improved, and the things that don't removed. This past summer and fall, it's proven itself well at track events, for doing so much with so little. There's nothing over the top, just a 3TC with a slightly modded carb. Cut springs, and a mishmash of shocks. A welded rear, decent drivers seat, quickly built exhaust, and some stickers basically sums up the car. Nothing flashy, or fancy, but as we all know, track time, and doing well at the track, earn's much more respect than money spent. As he builds his new 86, I really hope he doesn't lose sight of the car that's treated him so well. It may not be a dream car, it's not super slammed, but it works, everyday, predictably, taking the abuse on and off track. What's funny is it's the brother car to my wagon. On the drive West, an East coast friend had organized a car for me when hitting the West coast. The night I bought my wagon, this sedan rested in the same driveway. Shortly after, the 86 blew up and Warren picked it up as a Daily. Warren has been extremely helpful to my cars with donations of parts, wrenching and advice. This post is just a little thank you, and a good 'ole "Keep on Truckin", as really that term should come back. Those of you new to the blog, feel free to check out other posts associated with Shinnanigans involving Warren. And yes, he likes his rewinds. Thanks Warren! Keep 'em peeled for more locals!

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  • Yet another good write up. Good job quinn

    • Colbskee
  • […] Can be found here. Local Speed Heros: Warren. […]

    • Local E7 « *e7* club!
  • Whats the hold up on your car Chris? The longer you put off fixing it the shittier the weather will get, you know these things!

    • warren (Not UK)
  • i want e7, we can play bumper carts with 60hp’s.. ill be back with s13 early next year for practices and we can tandems, o tay?

    • BAxe
  • The car isn’t all that simple.

    Removed rear rebar
    Cut stock front springs with OEM ish replacement shocks, Greddy camber plates
    Cut Swift 6kg rear springs with factory Alfa shocks
    Lowered until factory panhard gets the rear end square again.
    LCA bump stops removed + lots of inner fender hammering
    Full EGR delete including charcoal can/gas recirc, valve cover to intake breather, windshield washer bottle/motor, coolant overflow
    Now running just an open carb. The secondary throttle body diaphragm has been fiddled with to open and lower rpm and faster at WOT
    2.25 inch exhaust, cat removed and replaced with a 18" pre-silencer to a turbo style oval muffler.
    -2 degrees camber, 0 toe, 2.5 castor, most I could get stock at this ride height.

    Malory Tach, what kind of cars come factory without tachs?
    Gts drivers seat.

    There is more, this is all I can think of now…

    • warren (Not UK)