Living as a Cartoon

Watching movies, Tv, reading comics, books etc, often have references to cars but written by people who just don't know them. Sometimes these interpretations are overly simplistic, disproportioned, childish. These visions are just observations in passing, corner of your eye views of what a car really is, or more specifically, what a car 'generally' is. These interpretations tend to be caricatures of automobiles whether they were intended to be or not. Some of them are accidentally far fetched, and by result amusing from a automobile lovers perspective. Some so grand and huge, and inversely almost too small for it's purpose or use. Oddly what's also funny is these written descriptions or drawn renditions of cars being outlandish and far fetched, yet actually being a good, close copy of the real vehicle they are referring to. Such an example is the Suzuki Mighty Boy. The mighty boy is a truck. In the late 70's early 80's there was a battle between the import trucks from Datsun and Toyota to offer longer bed's for their pickups, which even affected GM's S10/S15. They all fought over who's bed was the longest, measuring well over 7 Feet in length. These were considered small trucks, then and even now. The mighty boy? 10 feet in total length, about the size of your couch. Based on the Suzuki Fronte, the Mightyboy was a Kei sized, sporty FWD pickup. It is the definition of a cartoon of a car. 3 cylinder motor with optional turbo, the power to weight wasn't to bad, but the hauling capabilities questionable even from the inception of the idea. But no one cared, they sold decently, and even more surprisingly have held their value well. Not many places in the world were lucky enough to get the Mighty Boy. Australia's a funny place, here in North America we received mostly the bland and 'sell well' end. Down under the vehicles were often over productions of the obscure Japanese cars. Lucky dogs! My girlfriend has never been a 'car girl', sure she gets dragged to the events, enjoys ride alongs on the curvy roads, but when I would proclaim beauty in a certain body style, or modification she'd still give me a squiggly face of confusion. The mighty boy has apparently changed that. She now has a background of Mighty Boy's as well as a screen saver, and bugs me when ever the topic of importing comes up to find her one and have it shipped back. I have to be honest, I've always wanted one as well. The obscurity of them, the awkward proportions and questionable usage lends it self to an interesting automotive lifestyle. What interests me most is who this vehicle was targeted at, and the train of thought behind the purchase of it new. I would buy one, but the way I think discounts me as a reference to the mystery expressed above. That being said there's people who think like I do. The aussies seem to love to cram V6s and V8s into mighty boys, basically destroying the shell for some good RWD hooning. Then there's this famous Japanese body dropped Mighty Boy. Hell low, you youngflushers don't know the mid 90's mini-truckin' scene do you? Some jack them up as well. I'm assuming it's just plunked on a Samurai frame? While others try to make them look like GTR's. lol If you remember from a long time ago, I actually saw one while in Japan! Check it here. Original Sales Brochures are found here.

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  • As a member of & owner of a MightyBoy (in Australia) I have to say, they are a surprisingly capable & fun vehicle. Mine has been converted to 1 Litre & 5 speed using a 3 cyl G10a 993cc from a 1985 Swift & the transaxle from about a 1990 model 4 cylinder (original transaxle failed & now rare). I had been using an F8B (800cc) from a Hatch which shares its drive line componentry with the MightyBoy (MB was only avail here with 543cc but Hatch had option of larger engine so many were swapped into MB’s). I am told a previous owner used to cart 10 bales of hay with the original engine & 2 speed auto. I’ve worked out how to load that but still at a loss as to how he got it up a very steep local hill.

    • Trevor Roberts
  • Some even make EV’s out of MightyBoys!

    Check out

    Yes they live on in OZ land….

    • Bruce White
  • Haha I forgot about these things, I saw a ton of them down in oz

    • Corey
  • these things are sweet :)

    • Nelu