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SpeedHero Japan 2017. Chapter 1

SpeedHero Japan 2017. Chapter 1

....after our 10 hour flight, we did a 14 hour run through the mountains to Ebisu circuit.....

Random find: Honda Scooters Promotional Item

Random find: Honda Scooters Promotional Item

So I was poking around one of my local Hard Offs today, and in the laserdisc bin, I saw a sleeve that was the wrong size.  Rather, a size that I don't think laserdiscs came in.  So I pulled it out.  Then I noticed a Honda logo.  I knew I immediately had to have it, regardless of what it was.  It didn't matter that my family's laserdisc player was on the other side of the planet.  

This was the cover.  I don't know what that contraption he's wearing is.  Perhaps some sort of headphone radio?  Whatever it...

So, what'd you do last weekend?

I went back! Last year, I made a promise. I said I'd go back. So I did. Mr. Komukai and I returned to Tsukuba for this year's Hachiroku Matsuri. It was a bit of an overcast weekend, but it was actually quite warm.  Really pleased with that, to be honest. This year, WiZ didn't bring their car out, but Komukai-Sensei brought out a Levin that he picked up out in Gunma (which has subsequently been purchased by one of the students). No big surprises this weekend, other than a few loose (critical)...

Ibaraki is quite pleasant in December.

So this story begins a few months ago.  I was biking home from work, when I decided to take the back streets home.  As I rounded the corner, I saw the familiar silhouette of a loved one.  It was a Levin hatchback.  Then I saw another.  Then I had to meet the owner of this magical place. As it turns out, he also has another AE86, a C3 Corvette, a Piaggio Ape, and a Formula SAE car tucked away on site.  His name is Komukai Ryou, and he's also one of my favourite...

And not a single MK3 Supra to be seen.

I went to Ebisu a while ago.  I saw cars.  It was fun. Yay cars!       This car was really tearing it up.   Went to take a look after the bumper started to come off.