So, what'd you do last weekend?

I went back! Last year, I made a promise. I said I'd go back. So I did. Mr. Komukai and I returned to Tsukuba for this year's Hachiroku Matsuri. It was a bit of an overcast weekend, but it was actually quite warm.  Really pleased with that, to be honest. This year, WiZ didn't bring their car out, but Komukai-Sensei brought out a Levin that he picked up out in Gunma (which has subsequently been purchased by one of the students). No big surprises this weekend, other than a few loose (critical) bolts, unlike last years flat tire on the truck. Here are some pictures for your browsing pleasure. Loading up for the trip. There was a wedding going next door.  We luckily got the car loaded before the thing actually happened.  Otherwise, it'd be "I now pronounce you husband and 4A-G" This was a sign that the day would be off to a good start. It looks like they tweaked the art for the new one.  I recall the originals having a bit of a weirder mouth thing going on. I never realized just how long this front bumper is. I think it might actually be longer than the North American bumpers Quite a bit of angle there.  Also, nice brakes. Hot version was filming.  I wonder where this footage is going. They were actually banging the wheel wells and tearing off pieces of sideskirt to make more room for the wheels at full lock. Almost a throwback to the CC days, eh Ches? Nice seat embroidery. My kind of gridlock! Oh yeah... almost forgot to mention- I signed up to do the parade run.  I'll upload the footage of that later.

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