Double Deuces.

James and I decided to check out this tri-annual Deuce day. For a car you can just buy from new parts off the shelf, there was sure a lot of love and in my case, inspiration to jump in and get dirty. I'd love to see one of these chassis's used for a purpose other than show. Plus those sweet floating front axles lend themselves to PLENTY of lock. ;) This post is for those of you not cool enough to have been there and done that. 231 photos. Sadly I couldn't grab every car, and I'm highly impressed with some of the other blogs covering car shows as it takes the patience and wisdom of a saint to get those GREAT shots. I've deleted most of the legs from the shots and tried my best to grab all I could in frame and with as few people as possible. $10 smoked meat sandwiches. [gallery]

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  • Too many cars that all look the same. Loved the non-restored cars, they were very unique. I would love to find a car that has been sitting in a barn for 35 years.

    • JordanP
  • Buddy with the runs is the best shot.

    • warren
  • $10 samwiches???? what the hell..better be the best sammich ever

    • dug
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  • Thanks for doing this, I missed out. Although 99% of the cars are as boring and uncreative as I expected, theres the odd little detail that would have made it worthwhile.

    • cbergerud