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Deuce Part Deux

Photo dump from Deuce Days. It was an almost overwhelming amount of color and a stifling amount of people. It still makes for a severely rad show. It only takes one. Wandering my shabby looking self through the Empress Hotel, watching tug boat ballet from six stories up and eating expensive sandwiches...this is what life is all about. That and cars, don't forget about cars. The Rainbow coalition sure puts on a good show. [gallery]

Double Deuces.

James and I decided to check out this tri-annual Deuce day. For a car you can just buy from new parts off the shelf, there was sure a lot of love and in my case, inspiration to jump in and get dirty. I'd love to see one of these chassis's used for a purpose other than show. Plus those sweet floating front axles lend themselves to PLENTY of lock. ;) This post is for those of you not cool enough to have been there and done that. 231 photos. Sadly I couldn't grab every car, and I'm highly impressed with...