Dorikaze and DMCC, weekend of champions!

As a prelude to the DMCC West event on Saturday, the Vancouver Island Dorikaze community decided to meet up. It was a great collection of enthusiasts and the turnout was pretty spectacular. Mmmmmm...blacktop The usual suspects. Pandacoupes weapon on the left. Grant and Derek received a round of applause when they rolled in. Their e70s were rad as shit. I'm shocked that I didn't get better shots of the trucked TE72. I'm a sad panda. On the upside, I got to ride in it to DMCC. A personal favorite of mine was the KE17 rocking Tom's up front and matching pair of TRD carbs. Olde Tyme Toyotas It turned out to be a great meet. I got to put some faces to the wacky and sometimes unfortunate nicknames we use for the internets. DMCC to follow, stay tuned. Right round baby right round

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  • ugh, that roof rack is wacky!

    +1 internets for using an old TRD racing paint scheme.
    -1 internets for no good trucked photos.

    • discoquinn
  • good coverage of two great events!

    • matt t
  • i drove up to that thing later in the night, at red robin’s, and the blazing lights on the roof rack looked like some kind of mad max vehicle.

    • dug