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Interacting with the world.

This is a video of stuff, mushed together. [youtube=http://youtu.be/pwj1YvBFbtI]

Lemonade Raffle: WTF am I doing with my life. FIY13SHVABTB

Seriously, I've lost my entire mind. Here's the deal. Starting now, right now, this moment, now then, the one just past when you read that, the Raffle is Active! $5 a ticket gets you into the drawing. EMT is fine (DiscoQuinn@gmail.com), cash in person is fine too. Draw date is January 23rd. A Wednesday! Where one lucky winner will be selected! Please, share this with your friends.  Win a 'racing' car! raffle

My beautiful baby is up for raffles. A car built with...

I'm Just Going to Leave these Lying Here...

Speed Hero does not condone Photohop abuse...sometimes it just happens. You may recognize the white E70 belonging to frequent commenter and deviant Warren (not UK), not to mention the rotting banana wagon. Real posts are on there way.

Damp Weather, Damp Pants.


Wagon, out and about.

Lock your doors.