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Theraputic Exercise, as much of the story as I can type.

Corolla Brain kegels. This is just me typing. I may never post this, but even if I am brave enough to post it up, it doesn't justify that it's a good read. It all began, one mid summer fall winter spring morning afternoon evening when I completely forget why I needed to leave. There's no memorable reason why I needed to leave, but suddenly I felt this massive desire to leave my life. This is an important missing step, if you are continuing into the depth of this journal entry,...


What a mess of a title. There was a good chunk of people 'reppin' brands. A mixture of titles, shouted greetings, small standing groups, and chasing each other down on the track. IMG_0822 I've been away from Ontario for 4 years now, and I left it on a very positive note. I have a 4 year old memory in my head, of the generous, welcoming nature of Ontarians. A group of people gathered on an evening to wish me good by many years back. Read the article

Drift Tenfauxku

Imitation is flattery right? Look for a bigger post on Friday's event. Ken's camera ended up in my hand, and some people were nice enough to let me take snaps of their whips. RacingCarzzz   Click the snap for bigger! Here's an un fuddled with versionracing cars

Spotted Mail Box

The mail is delivered rain or shine, and so are Some of my friends, including their '80 corolla wagon! Check a Victoria mail box near you! Hmm, seems unassuming, however, Coldstar Mike day, seemed to have a better eye than I. Who is dat?! Why it's Josh (Baldtires) and Derrick (SquirrellyToyota)...

Random Dorikaze Picture Show

So we had an impromptu DK meet(s), what up! Enjoy the media! Read the article