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You're alive now, right here, this moment can be defined as the present. We love books about the future, whether fictional stories or scientific guesses, speculating about the progress of tomorrow is fascinating. We still live with the 1950's atomic vision of the future, flying cars being an accidental classic. Its these visions of change to greatness that fuel some people, motivate them to embrace the new. The reality of the situation is profitability is the true measure of personal success. Deep down, internally a majority of us, those we define as sane, wish to always climb one rung higher than our neighbor, this is the definition of profitability. Products which offer to cause equality, no matter how great, are rarely commercial successes. Have you taken a moment to look at yourself today in the mirror? Not your hair, nor your clothes. not your skin, or your teeth. Have you taken a look at you as a technological whole? In the mid 90's when the internet first came about, there were videos of families chatting to foreign relatives, people playing cross-continental chess, and bands assembling from cities all around the world to create a song. This was a short term projection of the future, one we surpassed long ago. Most of these novelties living up to their title of novelty. Looking at yourself, taking a moment, it must be tough to not check your texts, emails, likes, reblogs or views. This is a view of the present, dark yet glorious. The future we always wanted happened a few years ago, at a profitable cost. Transportation, seems stuck in the dark ages. The dissection of a modern automobile, like a frog on a table, shows similar evolutionary speed. 4 wheels, internal combustion engine, added are airbags and blue tooth connectivity. The functions are near the same. You should be aware that electric cars are nearly as old as internal combustion powered ones.  Surely you are. The desire for torque applied across an RPM range has always been a power lust. We, to this day, like the automotive cavemen we are, still lust for this controlled explosion. Our self worth is endlessly growing as our ignorance to reality seems to shrink. Great events, deaths, tragedies, explosions, fires, crashes, infinitely stream into our pockets. This constant awareness of danger is exciting. Scary, but exciting. Missed often is the reality of actual perception. Ironically, I write to you using this same vessel of a medium conveying this message; our own life experience is much more a realistic observation of life than those projected to us. I've thrown a ball against a wall, and had it return to me where expected, there may be videos online that argue this, but I've thrown a lot of balls against a lot of walls to know where it's most likely to return. Speed, angle, line. You are your own judge of reality from your own experiences, the only kicker, is you need to be honest and trust yourself. This vision of you in the mirror, judging your moment of present. Investigating your current period in history, can also include the automobile. You may be happy with your stanced ride, your turbo powered engine, carbon fiber accents, shiny wheels. You've spent so much time, worked so hard to build such great things, but did you make progress? Personally you may have, but don't be selfish, have you made progress for everyone else? I know I haven't, I'm quite ashamed. I've contributed nothing. Distaste grows for the modern automobile. After the 3rd Christmas I'm tired of being regifted the same thing again. Gasoline can only produce so much power and burn so clean. The reality is the observation of our own lives, and no matter our desire, lust for power, we too have experimented in the reality that only so much displacement can make so much power, and that we cannot burn the fuel 100%. I sometimes feel insane, thinking I can do better than others. Both for my lack of experience, and my lack of reality. The repetition of the same procedure over and over, expecting new results, more power, greater burn, is impossible. This endless expectation of improvement is the literal definition of insanity. It's been well over 100 years, and we've made progress, but as a collective, never achieved that ultimate goal, just perfected getting close. It's time to move on. In the heat of crazy, it's easy to reject better ideas. Diesel, was always a better fuel source than gasoline. It's shame it never got the same amount of attention as gasoline. Luckily, out of all the alternatives, it got the most attention, and captured at least some of the world. Rudolph's dream, another almost success. Air was a solution, compressed air engines fitted into cars, were somewhat successful. Endless alternatives to gasoline have been provided during it's timeline, often shoved aside in the heat of madness. However, in evolution, only the fit survive. Fitness, is not an example of strength, there are plenty of buff, perfectly shaped bodies making minimum wage as sears catalog underwear models. Fitness is a far greater definition of a big puzzle missing pieces. Fitness is the overall application, when we have a million underwear models, we've got an abundance of pieces that shape already, we need one that fits the open hole. Electricity seems to be mans greatest evolutionary step as of recent. You can attest to this reality as you read this article while pooping at work. You didn't go to the library, or the news print stand just to bring this article to work with you, but rather run into it on some social media site as you scroll through cat photos on the can. So many other elements we are far behind controlling, making into a tool for ourselves, electricity rose above. Much like the novelty of playing with a band in multiple cities via online connectivity, the novelty is gone when there is a practical application; we want to go faster for cheaper. A 100% burn comparison to gasoline, instant, excessive amounts of torque. You know the fastest accelerating objects in the known universe? Electric slot cars. Nothing accelerates faster to my knowledge. There have been doubters, there still are doubters. One complaint has been where the electricity will come from? This is a micro and macro problem. Micro for me as a user, and macro for us as a society. So few things stand in our way. As you stand in front of your mirror, making measurement of the present, are you in the way of yourself? Creative thinking, survival of the fittest, has provided some great solutions to these micro and macro problems. What about profitability? Will we be able to climb the ladder above our neighbor? The answer is yes. Look at the present, now. Please watch: Micro-User Problem Solutions:

Macro-Society Problem Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlTA3rnpgzU  

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