DQ and I had the opportunity to head up island for an impromptu drift day organized by Speed Hero regular Dugwillis. Unfortunately Dug and drift assassin Grant "Gpenny" Kozier were called in to work and that left a small group of us to our own devices. We had to stop and pick up one of our two car posse on the way to the track. The FC is being kept alive by nothing more than gold paint and the strength of diamonds. After many hours and many stops we ended up in Black Creek knocking on the doors to Saratoga Speedway. The rain was relentless but there was serious track business to attend to. Josh was solid and surprising, coming very close to linking the entire track. Warren Foster was out in the only other car on the track. This made for copious amounts of seat time and a whole lot of water sports. Things got really interesting when Josh's alternator belt decided to go rogue over and over again causing the water pump to fail and the car to overheat. After a few failed attempts and a homegrown repair and the realization that the adjustment bolt was stripped and spinning, it was time to accept defeat and find a place to fix it for the ride home. Luckily... I hang my head in shame for not getting the last name of the family that owns the property but after meeting all of them, being allowed to use not only the track but there shop as well, I am blown away by the entire Saratoga experience. We had a long chat with Dave, the man who started it all back at the beginning of the 80's, amazing man with fantastic stories. He has watched his family grow up at this track which is more remarkable considering he purchased a mill and had no interest in the track at the beginning. We met Paul, Dave's son, who seems to run the show dealing with bookings, promotion and safety. He came out to meet us on the track and just outlined the rules. He spent some time in the rain with us miscreants sharing stories and enjoying the spinning, sliding fun. There's now a third generation working and living on the property. Dave's grandchildren are now into their twenties and helping out with the track operation or working in the shop and even racing themselves. After getting a new belt on the FC and a new bolt we were ready to go. We met Dave's wife Pat and their impressive dogs and headed out into the black. Now you would think that after an relatively incident free day, driving home would be smooth and relaxed. That's only the case when a Dodge Spirit doesn't plow into the back of you before crossing into oncoming traffic and taking off. After a short chase and search we got back on our way. If you're anywhere near Nanaimo, B.C. and you see a Red or Maroon Dodge Spirit with a proper fucked front end, just let us know. That will be a memorable blog post. It was a good day all around. The track was soaked and low speed, I was soaked and low speed but it meant a bit of seat time for everyone and some unbelievable experiences. Saratoga is a family affair and the most fun I've had in a long time. I took pictars... Autocross tomorrow and Cap D is back on the 28th. Vancouver Island is car culture.

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  • Very interesting day. I wish Saratoga didn’t involve 6 hours of highway driving…

    FC will be “mint” soon enough. S4 tails!

    • Warren
  • good times. back to grassroots, drifting in the rain……..
    …just where it all started..for me.

    • matt t
  • i c my next car :D

    • rob
  • i used to ride those honda cub 90’s….that exact bike actually!


    Sorry we couldnt make it guys, glad it worked out for y’all tho!

    Next time We’ll have a BBQ at my place and wrench on crappy old cars.

    • dug
  • haha sticker on his bumper didnt even last the drive up

    • Warren