Things I Like: Brock Edition

I like Stuff Peter Brock has touched. Peter Brocks '79 Holden Torana A9X:   The A9x was a homologation special. The first year for the 2 door Torana, a car that was sort of a Manta B, Nova, Monza/Astre mash up, the A9X was just a punked out version, big motor, big flares, big wing, big success. I've recently fallen in love with this car, but sadly no where else in the world seems to have gotten this exact bodystyle. If your not Familiar with Peter Brock, you should be. Australia was very lucky to have him, and although the youth of Austown seems to love the Japanese movement, the ignorance to the great cars left behind by Peter and his involvement with Holden Dealer Team, saddens me. Now I won't get into the whole "polarizer" or the "22psi" debate, but I'm still a huge fan of the HDT cars, especially 'The Director'.  

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