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SHDP Day 11, Nov 10th

Everyone has their kinks. Mine is a bit unusual, and to be honest, if I was rich enough I'd invite cute babes to come out my special room. That room would be filled with 3 Wheeled trucks from around the world.  Pictured above is the Bremach MB1, a combination of combinations. Originally Aeronautica Macchi, a war plane and oddly scooter manufacturer as well. The company changed hands a few times. During this process someone decided to make a truck out of scooter and plane parts. Thus the MB1 was born. If you're...

SHDP Day 2. Oct 27th

So today's journey into the abstract began with a memory of a vehicle in passing. The Ford Everest. A version of Mazda's B-series pickup. Sold to the middle eastern and Asian markets. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Ford Everest. Just another version of the Mazda B-series pickups. Ford Everest. Just another version of the Mazda B-series pickups.[/caption] This then reminded me of a vehicle I'd seen in passing long ago. Another version and probably the successor to the Everest. The Mazda Proceed. It's neat to see SUV versions of pickups I'd never associated with such...

I got you Babe

Daihatsu is a pretty over looked company. I bet a majority of you reading this post have heard the name in passing but honestly can't think of a model name to go with it. Interestingly enough it is a Japanese company, many think it's Koren or Chinese. There's few people rushing out to their local importer to pick up a Daihatsu Leeza Spider or Charade, and fewer people know that the Daihatsu actually sold cars in North America from '88 until quitting sales here in '92.  As sad as that sounds it's not as lame of a duck as people think....

Avast, it's the Picture Pirate.

Lots of vans. I'm sorry?

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Part 1 of a random series of cars found on, or near the road in Japan.