Scooty Puff Junior Jr.

Long ago, legendary import drag racer, Stephan Papadakis complimented my Scooter on facebook. We were not friends, I don't know how it happened. Also it has nothing to do with the story. 0fed86a62cbfaa22540a00570824bd5e   Not so long ago, but a fair while back, I was in desperate need of some transportation. I do keep falling down, and constantly need to be picked back up from the rubble. Mike day, a local corolla fellow dragged a husk of a scooter from the bushes behind his parents garage. A 1994 Yamaha Razz Scooter. An ex-rental scooter that everyone in town had a story of beating senseless. It was gorgeous. 228906_121954054564166_716334_nIt ran, not well. It took an afternoon of hammering at it to get it to fire up. There was a fueling problem, it sometimes cut out or backfired. However, it ran.  This allowed me to operate from my new home in town. I ditched my automobiles for the time being and continued on as needed.  For the first few months I had fake plates and bmx helmet and no one seemed to care. The recent influx of poverty and electric scooters masked the fact this thing blew smoke and wasn't silent. People probably didn't care. 944608_10152835038450577_1026921492_nIt made it out to a bunch of drift events. At one event it was mysteriously tagged as 'Scooty Puff Junior', I had no idea for months who'd done it. I ran it for a year, slowly upgrading and improving it, it really helped me get things done.  One late evening, on a full-throttle cook home from some late evening fun, BANG. The explosion lit up the entire street. My beloved Scooty Puff Jr had died. Skip a head many months, and many countries, many jobs later. Chatting with a member of a local notorious scooter gang. I shared my great scooter stories, bombing around town, almost getting hit by cars, jumping stuff, riding places I shouldn't. Standard scooter stories really. When low and behold, a friend of a friend happens to have a scooter I can rescue. 55Born was Tuff Puff, Scooty Puff Juniors Junior. As luck may have it, it just happens to be a 94 Yamaha razz. The exact same scooter as before. The hell are the chances. The owner claimed something was damaged in the drive train. I acquired it at a time when I had few resources, but I held on to it for when I was ready for it. Recently I had an opportunity to take a look at the mechanics. I popped the chain cover off to see if the chain was broken. The cover was already loose and drained of oil, strange. I looked, checked the chain and the guides. Nothing, no problems. So, I popped the cover back on, topped it up with oil, and put the choke on. 3 kicks and it's life begun. Months I've been sitting on it, not knowing.

I couldn't leave it alone, obviously.      

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  • Man, that’s dope. You should try and get a Yamaha Jog if you can, basically the same as a BWS so you can get the 70cc bore kit. Hello unsafe highway cruising!

    • Anonymous