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Tug Life

Really on a kick lately to accomplish all the drawings I've intended to get from my skull onto a medium to share. Below is the Speed Hero Tug, an homage to utility in scooter form. I literally imagined a 40+ Japanese woman scooting around a coastal town with a small dog and a bag of oranges when drawing this. I'd drive the shit out of it myself. Larger versions of the photos are revealed when clicked.


Yeah I don't know why this happened. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Kt-wfO2hA&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

1984 Murder Spree

Continuing the scooter rescue, I had picked up this 1984 Honda Spree for free from Nanaimo. It was in severely rough shape, having not followed the recommened "Not for offroad use" sticker posted below the gauge cluster. Another sticker posted on these scooters is the tune of "Don't modify, you'll just make it slower." And it's the truth, for those of you just getting into scooters or other 2 stroke engines, there is a difference in your approach to modifying a 2 stroke versus a 4 stroke. Yes, it's true, the more an engine breathes, the better the performance, however...

Flossin' Traffic.

Many moons ago I had a catastrophic financial failure and had to sell everything I owned. I had been living in a forest building custom Toyota Corollas, all assembled from other peoples refuse. Suddenly I returned home to find I was forced to move into the City, all while shedding my precious Corolla stash. Landing on a couch I found a job at a local BMW dealership on the other side of town. After a few weeks of some big long walks, another local Corolla lover told me there might be a scooter I could have. Hosting a long term growth of...


This pomme de terre came to me recently. I'm trying to do something with it. I'm not bright. _MG_0004 Let's just keep count here. I believe this is #24. I've now owned, 24 corollas. I wouldn't consider this much of a Corolla, but it technically counts, since I write my own rules.

This began when a long line of moons aligned on some planet being pelted by lucky asteroids. My old Lemonade Wagon recently began a new motor swap from the old 12A...