(4:23:48 PM) Hashiriya: all s14s crash. always. right? (4:24:07 PM) Hashiriya: so, would I have better odds of not crashing an s14 if it has already crashed at some point prior in time? (4:24:43 PM) Quinn: hmm, the simple answer is no, since the crash, always. (4:25:19 PM) Hashiriya: so in effect, they are always in a state of crashing? (4:25:28 PM) Hashiriya: or is this more of a quantum thing? (4:25:35 PM) Hashiriya: like schrodinger's cat? (4:25:41 PM) Hashiriya: perhaps it's schordinger's car (4:25:56 PM) Quinn: I'm unfamiliar with that (4:26:43 PM) Hashiriya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SjFJImg2Z8 (4:28:21 PM) Quinn: you know what, that's exactly the issue (4:29:06 PM) Hashiriya: i thought so. (4:29:09 PM) Hashiriya: we should write a paper (4:29:20 PM) Hashiriya: maybe we can get some funding into s14 crash research (4:29:47 PM) Quinn: If an S14 exists, it exists only to not exist in it's original form. (4:30:14 PM) Hashiriya: deep (4:32:44 PM) Hashiriya: ok (4:32:47 PM) Hashiriya: theory formed (4:32:59 PM) Hashiriya: s14s exist in a state of indeterminite crashiness (4:33:09 PM) Hashiriya: their existince revolves around this (4:33:28 PM) Hashiriya: once observed, the waveform collapses, and they take some form of crashiness (4:33:56 PM) Hashiriya: its existence is then negated, but at the same confirmed (4:37:24 PM) Quinn: it can exist but only to be crashed. (4:37:44 PM) Hashiriya: exactly

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  • All S14’s crash indefinatly. Sorry Chris…

    • Warren
  • as soon as i saw this, i knew what it was.

    • Andrew Glutek