Outlets 4: Get Involved.

So, I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the early part of this summer. Trying to get my shit together and get my car going. Part of my time has been in the fantasy world. Going back to my Digital Roots, I've been playing a lot of Street Legal Redline Racing. Recently a Tsukuba Time Attack challange came up and I was more than willing to participate, and you can too! So how do you get involved? Well you don't really need a super crazy computer, just a decent one. SLRR is an old...OLD game that because of it's special features, what it offers differently than almost all other games, it has had a long dedicated, but underground following. So much so, the game is now available for free to the public, but first, and I know it's annoying, you've got to register here: Click me foo. Great so your all signed up for the site. Now what? Well, let's jump into the downloads section and grab all the files we need to install SLRR version 2.2.1. You can find all the links, when signed in with your account, under Downloads - > Street Legal Series -> TheGames, or you can just click here! Great, and I know this is a slow process, but if you patient and clear about it, it's rather simple and straight forward. Let's grab the modifications we need for the contest. :) Let's grab the MWM patch which allows us to easily add and select our track before playing. :) Make sure to follow the instructions when installing. Click here! Then we'll grab the recently released Tsukuba track. For installation sake, you need the patch posted above. Once you have installed the MWM patch, simply extract the contents of the Tsukuba track into your Street Legal Racing - Redline -> Maps -> Addon Maps Folder. Click here! Voila, your now ready to run the game for a first time. Go, play around and get your feet wet. When your comfortable and ready to get into the Time Attack, just visit this thread for rules and regulations. Good Luck!

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