Local Speed Heroes: Justin Robert

Capital drift has been around for 6 years now. Since 2008 drifting has been organized in Victoria. Many people, and I mean many people have come and gone. Passed through the speedway during our events, in some cases, very selfishly. There is one person who has never left us, he's been here since Capital Drift began. Most of these people who have passed through, and many of them who have stuck around may have never noticed him, a sign of a true cameraman! Justin Robert has been the least selfish person I know, the most dedicated to Capital Drift. I don't think many of us can imagine not driving. Drifting is just too enticing, to desirable form of fun to hold back. This causes a problem, who's going to make us look good? Sure many people come and take photos or videos of events from time to time, when their cars aren't working, but Justin has been there always volunteering. One of only two remaining original members, Justin began volunteering at events by simply selling pizza's by the slice! He's never left us since. Over time he managed to save up, and acquire a Camera, his true passion of film. 2010 is his oldest video, and for almost every race day, practice day or event even associated with Cap D, he's there filming. Capturing reality is one of the ways to making reality, well real! He's managed to photograph and video tape an entire group of friends for years. Without question. without complaint. Why is this so important? Beyond the amazing dedication of time, and devotion to our awesome community, Justin has managed to quietly solidify our local drifting community as a whole. He does it so perfectly as you almost never notice he's there. Subtle and quiet, much of what he captures is candid and raw. Few understand how powerful a factor this is to establishing a long lasting community. Many drifting series in BC has risen and fallen,  hype burns out quickly like a sparkler. Consistency in image maintains awareness, like a small Coca Cola sign on every corner, Justin has a video for all to watch available after every event. This not only has kept a reliable awareness of Capital drift, but continually from the same source. He's done this now for 6 years, free of charge. I often joke with Justin that he is our Zaku. Don't be embarrassed if you don't know who Zaku is either, but know that you've watched a thousand of his videos and he is the reason you even know what drifting is! D1GP is a the worlds most famous drifting series. It is the reason we consider drifting to be Japanese. Video Option was a video magazine that came out monthly, focusing around one or two D1GP events per issue! When old Video Option footage leaked onto the internet, people around the world suddenly wanted more! Drifting caught on like wild fire, and I remember huddling around a monitor with friends to watch small clips ripped from old Video Option VHS issues onto file sharing sites. Zaku has been the main cameraman for Video Option since it's beginning as well. He still is. Justin and Zaku are one in the same. Those pictures you show your friends, that video you show you mom and co-workers, that was Justin. He was there for you, to make you look good. This Friday is his going away party. I'll be there, he's made me look so good over the years. Thank you Justin! Please, dive into his body of Videos. There are tons of videos to dig through!!! Try Starting at the Beginning: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzIu502MpB8[/embed]

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  • Thanks Quinn.

    and for everyone else. No I didnt Die.

    • Justin Robert
  • Wow, proud auntie has tears in her eyes!

    • proud auntie
  • That is quite the tribute. So very proud of my son! Thanks Quinn, for taking the time to write this and recognizing Justin’s hard work and dedication.

    • Anonymous
  • Yay Justin!

    • Acacia