Important pictures. Important Firsts.

We'll start with a continuation from a previous posts #1 & #2 1003733_10151741257981602_934204199_n   This photo above made my trip home. I may have failed at life in upside down world, but a few weeks in Ontario and someone will turn my art into an 80's style Wooden poster. This has opened a new world of retro style automotive art. Bring on the high waist one piece swimsuit models. Thanks Greg! Let's focus on some other photos. Continuing with some photos from my upbringing, here's some evidence of the oil in my bloodline, or the blood in the oiling systems? The short of the story is there has been a family garage since the start of the automobile, opening up in the early 1900's by my great grandfather. Here's a snap from the 80's of one of the family whipsssss 2013-07-26 16.55.15   While digging I also came across a pack of matches from the 70's? From the garage as well. 2013-07-26 15.50.40   Let's focus on some firsts. This is where things get a little more Spicy.  Here's the first part I ever bought for a Corolla. The front hand brake cable for my very first ae86. It snapped the first time I ever pulled it when I parked it in my driveway for the first time. 2013-07-26 17.40.59 Here's my first book, we covered this in a previous post. 2013-07-26 14.08.56 Some of you should know what this is about. The best UEO Article ever. 2013-07-26 21.07.11   Here's another first. This is my first day, riding my first bike. Banana Seat. Blue for boys. As a Kid I wore San Jose Sharks hats, or Batman hats. Those hats only. Canadian Tuxedo. 2013-07-26 16.54.46And finally, an extremely important photo. This photo caught me off guard, as I've always come to the conclusion that I never had a photo of "IT". I did, last year find an identical Jumbo Van in a Value Village, sadly I didn't pick it up to prove my time traveler skills. However, beyond the mullet, sweater, duckies and remote control car, is something more important. I Gasped as the observation struck me and I had to make sure I saved it somewhere instantly. 2013-07-26 16.55.36   This photo shows the origins of my 6 year old Lust for Corollas, and specifically E7's. Here is my mothers '82 Hardtop. This was the first car I ever fell in love with. I remember hauling around in the snow on the way out to hockey tournaments, and huge road trips to summer camp. Sitting in the passenger seat and absorbing the Southern Ontario country side sometimes 9 hours at a time. This was the beginning of my interest in the Corolla, and will remain an innocent beautiful love that can't be spoiled easily by the complex modern adult lifestyle.    

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