#Fuck It Yolo, Quinn Versus Australia 2013: Better Than Brock

The year is 1979. Famous Australian racing hero Peter Brock sets out for the Bathurst 1000 race. Already Champion multiple times over, Brock not only managed to win the race 6 laps ahead of everyone else, but on his final lap set the lap record: 2:20.5. peter-brock-a9x

My life has hit a stale moment. Trapped in an endless loop of basic work, little play. Most importantly, little hope. I do not function as a regular member of society. The sheer rage I live with now a days has pushed me away from even having fun hanging out with my friends. I'm just angry and lonely in my mind. NEWTORANA_0 What works for Quinn? Adventure. On a whim I applied for a working holiday visa via the Australian governments website. It took me 3 minutes to fill out the application, with an expected reply time of 2 months. My email buzzed 3 hours later with an acceptance letter, and the follow up information. As of that moment, my adventure can begin. barticles What am I doing? Nothing much different than what I am doing now. I plan on working full time, paying my way and building race cars out of nothing, for nothing. It's what I do now. what's different? It's a fresh start, a new challenge, and most importantly, it's got a time limit. My visa? Lasts one year. lol Better Than Brock, what does it mean? The twist: Since I will be forced to leave the country after one year, I need some sort of goal to make my short experience worth living. Simply surviving and seeing the sights will leave me bored and depressed. A car related goal is ultimately what will entertain and motivate, invigorate my life.  I've always wanted to move to another country and see what life is like: Australia only offers these Visas to those under 30; I am 28. Now or never. 2283gmg_20 How will you be better than Brock? My goal is to build a car from as near nothing as possible, and beat his 1979 Laptime of 2:20.5 seconds around Panorama mountain near the town of Bathurst Australia. Just one lap, faster than him, one year to complete the goal. lessbarticles Currently, at this moment of typing this article, everything is for sale, even the Wagon. I will leave with nothing, start fresh, and document the whole process, from start to finish. I will be finally putting up the Speed Hero hats for sale, to help kick off this adventure. Please keep an eye on this blog for updates. This trip will ultimately be an exercise in collecting and maximizing resources. Yes, I am scared, yes, it is eccentric, yes I could fail. These are all very obvious to me, and I accept whatever the outcome may be. Bring on the poisonous snakes, Yolo. TLDR; I'm selling all my worldly possessions of my crummy little life to move to another country to fight a ghost from the 70's on a mountain. TDCR (too long can't read): Video format. This is the first, albeit, poor video of the trip. Still on LHD soil. [youtube=http://youtu.be/RK4PKsv9WN4]

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  • Btw mate gotta beat the legends lap in a holden! :)

    • nathan
  • Do it in a Nissan/Toyota for the laughs :)
    Good luck though ! __

    • Todd
  • Best of luck mate.. I hope ya have fun over here… But dny sell the 86 :(

    • nathan
  • Best of luck, Quinn! Just keep in mind, you can apply for renewals on that. Also, I wish you would have made this decision 8 months ago.

    • Needs More Speakers
  • Love it Quinn, come on over… bring some caps with you so I don’t have to pay for shipping – JedzWagn

    • Jed