FIY13SHVABTB: Yes, it happened.

What did you do with your 3 years in Victoria Quinn? Three years ago I acquired a wagon, pre-sold on my behalf by friends of the province I was leaving for my arrival in a new side of the country. This $50 wagon began it's life on epic terms, with a certain doom of epic-ness. Over the next three years the car would evolve using literally scrap junk people rejected as unusable condition goods. No matter the situation the car stood in the way of it's own progress, a struggle and fight to assemble and make function. It's very first outing on the track, it's maiden voyage resulted in the 2 wheel drift footage. It's been bumped and jumped, spun and grumped, on fire with desire, down and out and up and down again. It's still alive, 3 years of things and stuff happening. What did you do with your time in Victoria Quinn? Specifically I had fun interacting. Doing my best to make the few times I crawl out of my dark corner cave enjoyable for everyone. Wrenched, helped people learn to drift, got people discounts on parts, and most of all hauled away those unneeded parts clogging their worlds. Positive interaction is always the goal, do something different and have fun challenging those automatic thoughts: What if's no longer. My answer, I spent 3 years talking to people, accidentally I built a race car and when I was leaving, I raffled it off. One line, summed up. Thank you dearly to all who joined in on the raffle. It was surprising to see such volumes of support! It's great! I also want to thank all those who supported the wagon with in the regular programming as well. Epic breeds epic. For those who haven't seen the original post: Raffle post! Why did I raffle my wagon away? Reasons for leaving!   Raffle winners video! [youtube=]

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  • conrats to Logan! it was very thoughtful of you to do a mini bio for everyone who bought a ticket. I also really appreciate the Surrey joke! lol

    • the King of Style