Eco Modding: Thanks mom.

Gasoline is on it's way out, though maybe not quite in this youth of mine, but some part of my life I will experience a dramatic change in the way the world commutes. Not only have production cars began to lightly change for these very reasons, but the car culture has began to grow it's own legs and have learned at this point, to walk with the idea. I'm impressed with this developed interest. Grassroots dedication is what leads to major future trends. Here lies the seeds which will eventually blossom into something fresh, friendly and fun. It's nice to see people, even locals building these types of vehicles. The ideals behind them are very pure, creative, and scientific. Oddly enough it's sad that for the most part the general modification population have been innocently blind to the strength of the movement behind ecomodding. With the penetration of the manufacturers rough fingers with things like the Honda insight, Toyota Prius, and others, new modern platforms for soccer moms have been developed into daily drivers. Although at their core they really are not that fuel efficient at all, heck my '84 Corolla gets 47 MPG unmodified and it's has a friggin carburetor. But again, the ideals are there, and soccer moms are an interest cause and effect of car culture. You see, thank your mom for buying a Prius, simply because your dad hates it. He wants a mustang or something else just as pointless and retarded, as those fancy 0-60 numbers (although not good on a mustang) are truely what excites him. Through out the world there are creative people, although not creative enough to talk their wives out of a Prius purchase, they are then creative enough to being to modify the car for either better fuel economy or more speed. Racing of these alternative fueled vehicles has become yet another root of the series beginning to plant all over the world. Much like any new racing series based loosely around a new and rough interest, the racing and the vehicles competing is always so widely varied and interesting. Much more exciting and down to earth than the pointless and often methodical F1, Nascar, etc. Because motorsport has developed with these new ideals in mind, tuners ears have perked. Although their efforts, much like the manufacturers, seem very translucent, it's also the right approach to business. Never jump in the water without your customer, hold their hand dip your toes, and go in as fast as they are motivated to. Dads have began to rejoice as they too can have cool soccer mom cars. Much like Vans of the 70's people have figured out a way to make a practical choice and add that flare that makes them their own personal heros. The only thing left to say is a bit of a personal comment: Please backyard eco-modders, shed weight, as much as you can. As well I'd like to note; I've become a bit of a cynic of modern Toyota, their self abusive Americanizing has led them down a very wobbly bridge, and although they are financially secure now, I can see their future crumble. Much like the people driving 80's and 90's Toyota now, run to the dealership to buy new Toyotas, these same people in 20 years will stray away from the dealer. However, much like SLC punk it seems Toyota has become America only to change it from the inside, with a very large and secret "fuck you" to GM and it's EV1 failure, by building the Prius in a manner that makes it easily converted to run MUCH more efficiently than it is sold. Well done Toyota, here's to you and your Nascar program, more road courses please!

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  • I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

    • Henery Schaffer