Days Soon to be Well Wasted

It's been quiet for a bit now with little to post. Waiting, lots of waiting, sorting out little small, fiddly bits of stuff. Paper work, waiting, more paperwork, waiting. Although much of it's not essential to the trip, the more I sort out before hand the better. I've become exceedingly nervous about the whole ordeal. Insane waves of emotion, one moment I'm capped with rage and anger towards myself for starting such an un-achievable project, and the next I'm compelled with impatience for it to begin. I do want it to start soon, and each day I grow closer to doing the dumbest thing I've ever attempted. The v8/turbo debate rages on in my head. It's becoming ever so increasingly important to be able to match Brocks speeds on the straights. Having fiddled around in various video games on Panorama, it's become more and more obvious that the straight aways save the most time. Winding the mountain section is the most fun and spectacular of the drive, but means very little to the final time. Little tricks and ideas keep creeping into my brain of how to make the car handle better, but my lack of knowledge in motor building specifically, leaves me with a fuzzy area: Cheap power. It's an oxymoron as far as I know, and yet I will have to challenge this. Luckily my ducks are slowly being organized and I may already have a garage when I land. Bonus, a few parts are even waiting for me. The biggest issue of employment still remains. I'll need a job with some sort of kick, a benefit of some sort that will help towards the build. Money is the simple answer, but I'm not a fan of it, even just some sort of good resource, obscure as it maybe to give the project a bit of an edge. Welding will be essential to the whole build. I love avoiding it in my normal builds, but this one seems that it'll be quite crucial to sculpting the proper final results. Braking will be of the ut-most importance, straight line racing is the most expensive, as it always relies on machine more so than driving skill. It will still be difficult driving task, scary for the most part, but skill will lie in the assembly and acquisition of speedy bits. I'm hoping my next year is as good as these guys. Super dope video. [youtube=]

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  • I’ve only watched 4min of this vid and i’m satisfied enough to stick with my fleet of beaters

    • Special K