Colbskee is a West Coast Cat.

Colbskee of Dorikaze fame (lol) made the arduous trek from the barren plains of Saskatchewan to the Mountainous mysticism of B.C. He landed April 1st and has wasted no time in falling into the habits of the nerdowells of the Speed Hero crowd. Body fat ended up splattered all over my lawn yet again and the wagon started to get whipped into shape. He's on the hunt for a 4ag and 5 speed swap and has his eyes set on drift. That's two drift wagons on the go...awesome. This young man has a bright future, full of breaking hearts and breaking traction...just kidding, Corolla guys are repellent to the opposite sex. Good luck Mr. The cat.

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  • the colour of your car makes poop realize that it’s coloured as the colour of your car. YEAH.

    • Jeff Minnion
  • Yes, yes it does

    • Colby
  • Awesome!

    • Colby
  • The colour of your car makes poop envious.

    • zombievrobot
  • car is going to be black and poo by the end of the week. white wheels perhaps??? yay

    • Colby