Capital Drift round 5

000_0016 I was able to grab a handful of pics before my camera went the way of the buffalo. Western took it's toll August 28 2009, eating a RHD FD and an S13. 000_0021 Tregear was there consistent and committed. His runs against Koziur were some of the evenings best. Just too much sarsaparilla kept this saloon spinning. It was nice to see a 1j rocking Cressy compete though. As I said previously, Pete Schroeder was rocking an envious face lift. He made a smokey, screaming, green spectacle all over the track. Watching Schroeder and Thompson run together is quite the eye searing sight. Kozier manji'd the front and back stretches. His distinctive butt wobble (on the car of course) made the whole experience very visceral. He drove exceptionally and took down a few Capital Drift regulars much to everyone's surprise. With an unfortunate spin in the second to last run he was still able to walk away with second to Steve Thompson's first. He should also take home a prize for the best attitude. His love and excitement for the battles was contagious. +1 for the tuxedo shirt, well done Grant. Now I know this isn't a whole lot of pics but check out the Dugwillis footage of the entire event, that guy doesn't miss a beat.

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  • Yes Guy!

    • discoquinn
  • Fixed the name. Congrats once again.

    • zombievrobot
  • cooooooooolllll thanks for the props and the epic pics.
    my last name is actually spelled Kozier, I fudged my hotmail name and now it has come to haunt me. sorry. added your blog to my favorites. Glad to meet you and put a face to the dope pics.

    • grant k
  • OYA!

    Your the man now, dog.

    Grant needs coilovers and whatnot. His car always reminds me of a 70s car chase scene!

    • dug