Capital Drift Round 4

I headed out to Capital Drift round 4 at Western Speedway July 10. The turnout was small, the action was not. If you weren't there then you should know that you are killing drifting. Tires as smooth as the car that assasinated them Drift Safari had some serious representation in the forum of not one but two SR20 powered 86's. Trent Stromkins was out in his newly (very newly) completed 86 after he ended up painting a track wall with his last one. Stromkins and the fuscia beast Last rounds winner Chris Scremin was back as well but had to bow out due to engine troubles after another unbelievable performance. [caption id="attachment_448" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Scremins car but no Scremin."]Scremins car but no Scremin.[/caption] Kohei Nakamura and Steve Thompson were back and setting the bar for the rest. Nakamura returned from a 2nd place last event and took this one outright. The best show of the night was an epic tandem battle between Nakamura and Duane Dickinson. Even and tight the whole way through, the crowds excitement blew up, the realized what drifting was about right at that moment. 100_4758 Thompson in his pink S13 had some flawless runs and made it look too easy. After some serious competition and a whole lot of mechanical failure, Nakamura, Stromkins and I believe Dickinson had the podium (not that there is a physical podium). Now, random pictures! Post-crash, still looking pretty happy Not drifters. Fantastic show, great group of drivers and a much better view this time around. I'm seriously loving B.C.

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  • Drift Hussies!!!! I’m missing driving a rusty car sideways in front of girls in tight shorts? Dammit.

    • discoquinn