BTB, no droop. Updates

I will have no sag. No droop for this trip. The support has been beyond what I expected. Now on day #3 of the raffle and we've clicked past the 106 ticket mark of out 300 ticket goal. Seriously, that's amazing! I never knew raffling a car off, especially one such as this would bring so much love and cheer. I need to thank everyone, and to be honest a feeling hit me yesterday. I want them all to have Lemonade. A majority of the raffle supporters have been good friends. Some which I haven't heard from in a while, some which I see everyday. The feeling I had was that of a hard one, that anyone of them, but not everyone of them, can win the wagon. This upset me a bit. raffle update I've been asking what people would do with the car if they won, and each person seems to have their own goal. No matter what, this whole approach is perfect in relation to the car itself. It's whole up bringing has been off cue, distempo'd and alternative. Some of the entrants wish to drive it across Canada, some down to the states. Others wish to jump it, a few wish to donate it to others again! No matter what, doing something in a unique way will seem to result in a unique outcome no matter what. Epic breeds epic. This excites me. To show how much I love the support I've been getting, in hopes to get more people winning things I will add the following items to the Raffle as runner up prizes. I will be drawing 5 names rather than 3 in total, and adding prizes to match. Both super chargers are up for grabs, one for the first, and the other for the second runners up. For the 3rd, a set of Silver, wire wheels! Rusty, but good looking. :D And for the final runner up, a boobie prize! The tiny 12V TV with happy face decal included!  More chances to win. (this is purely for my sake, as I'd like to reward as many people as I possibly can.) more raffle items Support has come in many other ways too. Many positive messages both from knowns and unknowns. Different people commenting on my quest, offering advice, helpful information and encouragement. This good feeling is a currency of it's own, a commodity to fuel my fire. It depletes a bit each day as I peddle slowly to my goal. This good feeling commodity is spent directly against the fear that seems to keep reemerging, and upgrading the lock and key keeping my sense of over-reality at bay. To those who have offered their support emotionally as well, I thank you too. :)

Off topic: Now onto Shannon's request: Hyping up SuperChargers.  Shannon has requested me to talk about superchargers, and why you should love them more. To be honest, I'm a massive fan, specifically of the 'roots' type. These are an old school, read early 1900's, way of forced induction. Turbos do have more potential and are easier to build systems for, but the good ole roots chargers just provide power in a different way. Working off two impellers spinning together, they are driven off the crank shaft directly and provide a greater volume and pressure of air than natural aspiration. Uniquely though, unlike a turbo charger, or even a centrifugal style super charger, a roots charger provides a power increase directly in relation to RPM. Low end torque, through high end torque is increased evenly, providing an extremely predictable power increase. Many say the only replacement for displacement is boost, but truly they must be thinking of roots type chargers as they are the only boost that results in a similar torque curve to that of a larger displacement N/A motor. What does this all mean? For drag racing, it means more torque down in the low RPM's. This allows longer gears launches from lower RPM's and higher top speeds. But for drifting, it means a wider, usable RPM range. Allowing greater control over wheel speeds without ever falling out of boost. Allowing the motor to drop down below where a turbo would normally drop off, you can just step right back into a roots charger and the rpms will climb back up. Ultra beneficial for managing push! So get hyped on Roots type chargers!    

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