Bombs over Bihoku, the Truth of Missiles.

People are idiots. They don't get the purpose of 'missiles' or 'tramps'. They are simply to allow you to push your boundaries without regret of destruction. AKA, get good fast.
Crashing isn't cool persay, but it is an entertaining by product of this all out approach. Sure you may crash, but there's even a greater thrill and reward when you accomplish what scares you. This is the simple purpose, and I know there are those of you out there that never really got it. Well, now, let's hope you do. No regrets progression. Hit shit, hammer it out, and try again. If the car is still somewhat straight, go for it.
The character these cars show is nothing short of awesome, they look like they have been to war and back, and really they have. For the most part they are an internal struggle to push one's self beyond that point of 'safe' in their brain, whether it's logical or not. A missile is an allowed 'mistake' a bump, grind, or hit, multiple times, constantly testing the limits of the driver, car and obviously adhesion.
It doesn't have to be a car you like, something cheap. Put the modifications together as cheaply as possible, bring some hammers, a come-a-long and smack things back out.

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  • Wow, I wish I could do that(those poor cars), and had the place to do so. Looks thrilling!

    • Donn