Blinded by the....

...well not the light, but I've been a bit slow. I've been lusting over random 'utes', or 'aminos' from other parts of the world for a long time. Chevy 500s, Pony Pickups, MightyBoys and so on. Bliss is a state of enjoyable ignorance, so I guess it hasn't been bliss but rather an inability to stare directly into the sun. Much like the girl next door, you never really take notice of her until it's too late. I've known about the Dodge Rampage and Plymouth Scamps since I was very young, but always blew them off for being FWD. Yet, long ago I developed a desire for the Rabbit pickup, VW Saverios, Ford Pampas with the accidental grass is greener approach. That poor girl next door was perfect the whole time, and now she's off and gone to college, or in this case a fancy new hand rail and some staples. Cubed and forgotten, or collected and neglected the Rampages are gone from the roads, and I never got a chance to roll in one. There's nothing super special about them, a small economical car offered as a truck with a hatch, it's been done over and over in many other countries, but this is one we got.   ow I lust in woe for one atleast as a daily driver, as I continue to use my liftback Corolla to haul motors and complete drive trains around, when I could've been cruising around, saving fuel the same as I am now, but able to haul loads without the smell of gear oil in the cabin. Fuck! What's more disappointing than this sudden revelation? The horrible new Dodge Rampage concept. "HURRRR here's something that has nothing to do with the original. HURRRR where's my paycheck?" Another Regret to add to my life: Missing the chance to drive a Rampage.

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  • Lol my dad has a rampage that he put on a lifted jeep frame lol. Also we bought one for super cheap for me to drive as my first car, but it just ended up in a field

    • Mat (motbot) morrison