All Japanese Show n' Shine

It was a grey day spent in Gyro park. Luckily the rain was happy to drool lightly over the hot cars without giving us the full shower it was threatening. The Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts put on a well organized and entertaining show and the crowd exceeded everyone's expectations. I have a ton of shots to go through so for now I'll leave this rarity for all you wacky convertible fans. Possibly the only Soarer Aerocabin in North America.

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  • there is a couple aero cabins in alberta. only 500 made. jzx81 yamaha editions are rarer

    • double r
  • I loved that soarer aerocabin, such a rare and great looking car, can’t wait for more pics.

    Also wondering how I can get my hands on a speedhero sticker I saw all the cap d guys had.

    • JordanP
  • does anyone no a aero cab for sale ??

    • scott
  • there is one for sale on import concern for 5500 bucks james. wanna go massivly in dept like i did?

    • double r
  • Thanks for the info double r. I’ve only seen two in my life, this one and one owned by a gas station attendant in Japan.

    • zombievrobot