Yue Loong? Me too!

Oh god I have the worst fetishes. For a long time now I've tried my best to find pictures of my favorite Nissan: The A31 Cefiro is a serious love of mine, but there's a version I've always loved. The Philippines got a rare left hand drive version of the Cefiro with a just as rare RB24 engine. Which is great, as I've recently found some awesome photos of these cars. Something about a 2.4L carbureted inline 6 in a car that every other market in the world got an EFI 2.0L and RHD. However, as much as this post started with the initial love for Cefiro's, I've got a 'feeling' for something new. The 'Yue Loong Feeling 101' a.k.a. the AREX 601 is a pretty bad ass version of the Nissan Stanza built in Taiwan. For any of you doubting the awesomeness of this car check out this propoganda video!

Yue Loong, originally just a general machinery company, began building Nissans for the Taiwan market as early as the mid 50's. in the mid 80's they came out with their own car, the Feeling 101. Based on the Stanza, the Feeling had both CA16 and CA18 carbed engines available. As seen in the video it was a serious effort to be a real car, and hilariously enough as they cut away from the engine shots and crash test results the Feeling 101 was actually sold out side of Taiwan in the Dutch market. Sadly though the European version of the Feeling 101 didn't come with the cool Honey Comb tails, and perhaps that's the reason the Euro-division of Yue Loong died a year later and bought ALL their cars back! Avoiding the need to upset customers needs for repairs and replacement parts the cars were acquired and either crushed or perhaps shipped back? Strangely they did not use their ties with Nissan to continue a support program after the euro division death since the cars mechanically were just Nissans. The feeling continued until 1992 both as the 102 model and the AREX 601, both updated. Sadly the brand died and just continues to locally produce and distribute Nissans locally. If your interested in seeing some more pictures and information on Yue Loong check out these links! Yulon Wiki Brochures A former Employees recollection, with a ton of cool photos.

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