Your a Dead Cat to Me

I'm going to kill you with Curiosity. I've got a bookmarks folder stuffed with things I've been meaning to write about, but I doubt I'll ever get around to, so here's a giant poop of random links you'll have to trust me on. That's right, trust this random stranger. Now here are the links :) Fronte Bum Blazin' Space Ship X to the speriment Nerd Central Nerdier Central Never Happened Levin-y (ish?) AdMania Buncha Bots Faster? Hot Air Crushed Fun I Heart Cosmo 21 Not a Corolla Chasing the Sun Cheap Chassis One AZ please Cheaters Lime Jelly Why Nut? Lost and Unfound Shoot to Kill Sbarronautica Senseless 100% Addica Safety First

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  • Obviously you can read french, cause I can’t

    • cory