The Origins of the Minami Jump

Some of you know what the Minami Jump is. It's a very famous section of track, notorious for it's sudden rise and fall. A strange section of winding course. Here's the known video of it's official debut.

These 2004 origins seem pretty weak compared to the much more aggressive had it evolved? Yes. But who was really doing the first big Jump? Some might say Daigo Saito.

Daigo's extreme practice regiment really pushed the boundaries of the Minami Jump and began aggressively applying it to contest runs shortly after. Though there were further boundaries to be pushed.  An Australian named Stewy Bryant took the Minami Jump to even further levels.

Somebody had to do this first. See that silly line, far too close to the inside and go for it. Recently, this little gem popped up. Note how old Minami course is!

Danger Jump! Here's a little gif to help you share! EBISU_CIRCUIT_NATSU-MATSURI_old_footage_in_the_199

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