The late 80s were a wonderous time.

[caption id="attachment_627" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="I hated this car. Apologies  to the guy who actually owned this particular one."]I hated this car.  Sorry to the guy who actually owned this one.[/caption] Quinn won't let me put videos on the frontpage, so here's an interior that brings back bad memories for me. Found these sales training videos over at autoblog.

Ah, the Chevrolet Celebrity.  Also known as a dozen cars in the GM lineup - Literally.  They were sold under 4 brands (Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Olds), each having 3 body variants.  A few things stand out to me, aside from that dude's pants. Why the hell does the 'boss' guy drive a Celebrity?  He starts the video talking about how a car projects the driver's "image".  What kind of image does driving the 'value' brand in GM's lineup project?  A poor sense of luxury?  He also seems like a bit of a dick.  He shoots down his poor underling's ideas a lot, and cuts him off in conversation a lot.  And he cheats at golf. I love how he decries all of the guy's other options.  Ford?  What a joke!  Mazda?  How dare he even suggest that a Mazda is even an option!  Come to think of it, those are both Ford cars - sorta.  What about the other manufacturers?  Where are the Accords and Camrys?  Wouldn't they be a greater threat than the 929? He seems especialy intent on convincing the guy that the Celebrity is a great car.  It almost comes off as trying to justify his purchase to the guy.  Almost as if he KNOWS the car is a huge POS.  Not sure why he would hold his employee's judgement in such high regard though.  Insecurity issues maybe? If it seems like I'm ragging on this car a bit much, well... I am.  My family had one for a short amount of time, and I HATED it.  "Colour coordinated cloth interiors" aren't necessarily a good thing.  I think the one we had was brown on brown.  Let that sink in for a second.  It was the most hideous colour combo I had ever seen.  Worse than the burgundy interior in my uncle's old Supra.  I hated the way the car looked, I hated the way it drove, I was generally down on it.  It was just a boring and uninteresting car for me.  And I was 8 at the time. To lighten the mood, here's another sales video.  This time it's for one of Quinn's favouritest cars ever.  The Kia Pride/Ford Festiva/Mazda 121.

Autoblog says something about them not getting the satire in Robocop, and possibly getting inspired by that.  I'm just seeing late 80s "news" type stuff.

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