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The helicopters circle like sheep dogs around a pack of cattle, as you sit in your huge new 4000lb v6 Challanger. Dark chrome aviators reflecting the back of a Kia Sephia with the plate "BNEBBYS" back at it's retarded self. Man, you are the king of the North American roads. Big cars are always coolest, and with all these old names coming back to the road with this mix of new Korean imports your Muscle branded German designed computer commuter car is for a real man. Branding is an important part of the car world, it attributes to how the car is percieved, and much like Toyota was toying with Lexus, and Honda with Acura, Mazda was playing with Eunos and Autozam. The AZ-1 is a car little talk about. A direct competitor the Zebra seat Honda Beat, the AZ-1 is an oddity and delightful rarity, a gem. A mid rear 660cc, the AZ-1 is a kei car that just doesn't get the love it deserves. Pictured above? The insane RE-Amemiya Greddy 6. A 20B (threee rotor) powered AZ-1. Oddly this car reminds me of SW20 MR2 based MC8-R. Words just cannot describe the AZ-1. It's such a beautiful and functional car, a plastic exterior body which is completely removable. Almost like a Japanese Fiero, except designed to actually handle! For those of you who are Abarth fans, a collector used the AZ-1 as a base for a modern version of the Abarth Scorpione! The AZ-1, a pretty damn cool Odd Duck.

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  • More costly in japan than a mint r32 gtr. wtf. fail. I want az1 after i saw a touge 200 battle with one, bmi styles.

    • Dylan