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Careful -> expensive. 1976 Toyota Corona Mark 2 MX13 MX10 4ME

Corona Ballin' 2: Return of the X1

So continuing the theme of chump hood from the other day. Y'al still chumpin in Corollas, when Coronas are the new cool.

Hiroshima Speedway Circuit

Although named similar, Speedhunters delivers pretty decent photograghs, generally the stories arn't to great. I find that they sometimes miss the good shit. Case in point, their recent coverage of a Celica by a group called Hydraulic Drifter Oldies. A post made a while back about their famous and crazy chopped roof Levin pickup showed a glimpse of a new drift track and what appears to be the home of HDO, Hiroshima Speedway Circuit!

Sadly I don't have the huge production...