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5 Years of SpeedHero

5 Years of SpeedHero

This is a complete digital collection of all the SpeedHero Patreon updates of the last 5 years.

SpeedHero Japan 2017. Chapter 1

SpeedHero Japan 2017. Chapter 1

....after our 10 hour flight, we did a 14 hour run through the mountains to Ebisu circuit.....

Ibaraki is quite pleasant in December.

So this story begins a few months ago.  I was biking home from work, when I decided to take the back streets home.  As I rounded the corner, I saw the familiar silhouette of a loved one.  It was a Levin hatchback.  Then I saw another.  Then I had to meet the owner of this magical place. As it turns out, he also has another AE86, a C3 Corvette, a Piaggio Ape, and a Formula SAE car tucked away on site.  His name is Komukai Ryou, and he's also one of my favourite...


Momentum is a dangerous good, It's often dealt without warning and creeps in from the back corner. Growth is that hard guy smoking in school, leather jacket, cool but rough and unpredictable. If you know what your doing, if approached correctly, the momentum of growth can be harnessed for productive purposes, improvement. But like any thing, when you stack more weight on an object, we hope it can bear the increased load. The local scene is now conflicted, with the sudden increase in popularity there is a...

Is That Safe?

So is it? Watch the video, I have the answer for you.

The answer is Yes, technically speaking. As much as you think it's another in our great posts on 4 Runners, it's not. But Quinn, surely you jest, my eyes are trained skilled machines and can tell a 4 runner when I see one. You'd be wrong. The Great Wall Motors produced "Safe". Yes that is the name of the company and the model. People question why this happens,...