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Gettin' Casual

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Another Cap D Come and Gone. The seasons opener was a fairly smooth event, with some mainland flavour coming out on top. Simplicity is the most rewarding aspect of Cap D. Show up, bring a helmet and drive your car, although there are some who seem to miss this concept, beyond the 'have fun' attitude there really is no other agenda. A car that runs and the battery doesn't seem to bounce out the trunk onto the track helps....

No One had a Good time

Because I wasn't there, obviously. Everyone was mad, had diarrhea and wished they were at home playing Sega. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Darryl is feeling a bit Downey after walltapping and having his bumper stay on."][/caption]

Thanks you Shandy Sanderson for taking some snaps of the event for me, while I was away, cowering in my turtle shell.

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Vot-é-mon Snap

Driftworks is holding a series of sweet picture contests. Speed Hero Supporter? Vote for Robin's picture, it's #20. Like something better? vote for it! :) http://www.driftworks.com/2010/11/photography-competition-amateur-lifestyle-class/      

Capital Punishment

Yesterday was Torture. To others a great time, with big tandems, sections of rain, and mostly good, dry, cool sun.   Many hit the wall, that was their punishment. I had my own punishment. For some drifting is another fun pass time they can do here and there, share with their friends, etc. I think about it almost all moments of the day, and try my best to help others get their cars and lives in order. It's hard to watch, it's tough to listen to, and...


British Columbia celebrated, oh I don't even know, some birthday or something. All I know: drifting. Although a small crowd of spectators, the driving for this extra long Capital City Drift day were out in strong numbers with a great showing from the mainland. An oddly smooth, yet overly simplistic track layout seemed to suit both the under and over powered cars quite well even with the final being dominated by pony filled Jap Scrap. We had the regular bunch of hobo's running the show with some new faces, things went fairly smoothly. Overall a decent day from a judges...