Stop in your tracks.

Driving along highway 24, it's an old highway, much like highway 7 you often see wrecks floating about from yesters-past. I was hobbling along in an '83 Corolla proud I was the oldest thing running. Good thing about old corollas is that they are light. I slammed on my brakes to make the driveway, as a flat head caught my eye, but alas highway 24 is also a 80kmph zone, so I let off, caught speed and checked out the next driveway, eyes over the shoulder to the flat head v8 a few hundred meters behind me. win3 copy With little time to spare, as I was rushing to get to work on my Apple bottomed corolla, I stopped in to say hello. win2 copy The guys at Bodyworks "by Brian J Hoffman" outside of Guelph welcomed me and said it was fine to shoot some quick snaps of the car. Heck even their shop truck is pretty rad! win4 copy The car is built by a young fellow by the name of Zack Hoffman, I didn't have much time to chat or grab the exact snaps I wanted but, this was the best I could do in 5 minutes!!! win1 copy Thanks for letting me capture your car Zack!

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