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A lot of people help me, often. I need a hand constantly to achieve things even in daily life. I'm a selfish asshole, I don't mean to be, it's not a conscience train of thought, but every once in a while I look back and see  contributed so little for what others have helped me. It eats at me. I don't know how to return this help. I try, but my efforts are often much less than those given. Phil, 'employed' me for 2 years. I basically played with tools, racked up project cars, and went to the track on weekends. How, what, when will I ever be able to do anything for him? James, was my accomplice. Our adventures always seemed to come at his cost. Including my trip out west, we landed on his couch for many months, and at much greater costs than can be perceived. Robin, gives her all for me every day. There's no return for that. Even her parents seem to be in on it, helping me set up a business. Before even landing, Dorikazer's gave me their homes, time and ears during our trip out west. Once in Victoria I haven't been able to shake the help from the locals. Cars, parts, wrenching, food, advice and general help. There's just not enough I can do to help all these people. There's many more that have come to help me, anonymous and random.  People continue to ask if I need a hand, and I grow more and more conscience of the past and future efforts of those I contact with, if briefly or a long time. I don't really know where this post is going, but I know it weighs heavily on my mind.    

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  • You’re over thinking it brooo.

    • Warren (not UK)
  • life is what it is, people aid you because you have character. and seem like a pretty chill outgoing person, and ive only met you like 2 times.

    Karma, it seems to be on your side… reading this kind of reminds me of my name is earl…. but what do i know, im drunk

    • Jarrod
  • Maybe you just need to sit down with a pen, paper, robyn/or anyone with a good train of thought, and a level head.

    List all the things you need to survive.(money,food,home,TP for your bung hole)

    List the things you need to accomplish. (education, job,future)
    Write down your Pros and Cons. Match them up and cancel out the Cons.
    It all starts with appreciating your self. Don’t worry about your purpose Or what has been done for you and how to repay your dept. We all pitch in because we see ourselves in you. Our flaws, our passions, our kindness, our heart. I don’t expect anything back in return for help sent your way. The reason is. YOU are always there at some point in time playing your part. if only we are so lucky to have your freedoms. Lets no be a Defeatist. But a winner. You have the spirit. Your friend : Mike.D

    • coldstar